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Sunday, November 22, 2009
Being a Dallas fan= painful

What a pain in the neck team to root for! A last drive TD to beat a washed out Redskins team…..pathetic! Is this the same team that demolished the Falcons and went into Philly and stole one on the road? Who do you blame for such a lackluster performance? The head coach? Sounds right, but his defense saved the day and was very solid all day and really has been since allowing the late game tying TD to Kansas City with 24 seconds left. Jason Garett? I am not loving the play calling. He heard all week that he did not run enough against the Packers, so he comes out in this game and runs every play to start the game. This was successful until Marion Barber fumbled it away. But the point is, can you not make a game plan that keeps a defense off balance? Not all runs after a week that you called all passes??

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