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Archives for: November 2011


You Don’t Know Who Won the Fight!

The Judges Were on Point for Pacquiao vs. Marquez III

By: Danny Serratelli

Despite what many boxing fans think it is extremely difficult to accurately determine who won a 12 round fight under the 10-point must scoring system if you do not score the fight round by round as the official judges do. As most boxing fans know each round is usually scored 10-9, unless there is a knockdown, point deduction, truly even round, or in other limited instances such as when a fighter is thoroughly dominated and is able to remain on his feet the entire round.

People are constantly accusing boxing judges of being corrupt. While there are always exceptions the fact is that most of the individuals making these accusations should educate themselves on the subject. Many do not understand how the fights are scored; they often think their experience as a trainer, fighter or working in boxing makes them an expert on who won the fight. This is regardless of the fact that most of these people do not take the time to keep score.

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